What is the FTP Server?

The FTP server is and the login/password are the same as those you use to access your control panel.

How do I upload my website?

You can upload your site using any FTP program. The FTP server is and the login and password is the hosting account login/password. Alternatively you can upload your site using the File Manager in your control panel.

How do I disable Anonymous FTP?

Anonymous FTP is disabled by default on all accounts. We can only set up anonymous FTP for a hosting account which has a dedicated IP for security reasons. If you connect to your domain via FTP anonymously you will not have access to any files on your account as server-wide anonymous FTP is disabled and is only disabled on a per-account basis. The only way to enable anonymous FTP on a shared IP is to enable it server-wide and we cannot do this for security reasons.

Do you migrate website?

Sorry, we do not. You will have to do that yourself.

How can I download a backup of my site?

Please login to your control panel and create a full backup. This may take a few minutes to generate a tar.gz file that will have all your site, email, database and settings. Once the backup is created, you can download it using ftp from your account home directory. You can also download partial backups of your home directory or databases from the control panel.

How do I create an email account?

To create an email account log in to your control panel ( and go to the Mail Section->Email Accounts. Once you are in the Email Accounts section you can easily add/remove email accounts.

How do I use webmail?

You can access your webmail by going to or by going into your control panel and clicking on WEBMAIL. Your Webmail can also be accessed from the Client Area. 1. Click "My Hosting Packages" 2. Click "View Details" for the hosting account. 3. Click "Login to Login to Webmail"

Will I be able to check my emails when I am away from my home/office computer?

Yes, we provide all our customers with their own Webmail access. What this means is that you can log on to the internet (to the address we will give you once you sign up) and check your mail from any computer that has internet access.

Do you provide any support? What is your response time?

We do provide 24/7 support via Ticket System. You can submit a ticket without registration; however, we advise creating an account first to have the opportunity to manage your support tickets.